Saturday, August 9, 2014

The gift of trust.

Truly one of the greatest joys of this business is in meeting new people who give us the gift of their trust. They allow us to come into their homes and bring all our creativity and energies. Here is one such story...
I first spied Karen from the corner of my eye while I was helping someone else. As I was totally engaged with the customer and project at hand I couldn't approach her, but in my mind I registered "who is that sweet women in that fabulous orange coat?" I didn't know if I would ever get to work with her directly as she had left the store before I was free.

Later I saw a note on my desk that read "Karen loves your crewel pillows and wants them once they come back in. Also, she'd like you to come to her home for a consultation." Yipee! She was the woman in the orange coat! So began one of my sweetest experiences working with a client.

Karen is one of those people who takes care of everyone else but herself. She loves her family, art and color but she had let her house and her intended projects slip by her. When I came in the picture she had decided to get her house in order, make some changes - make the space work better for her. She had made several false starts, tried some paint colors and moved some things around, but got stuck and stopped.

After our first consultation, we created a list of the following goals and with some great teamwork we made A LOT of progress!
  • New paint colors everywhere. (The girl LOVES color!).
  • Reupholster a chair and ottoman.
  • Get a new rug.
  • Redo the bedroom.
  • Rehang art.
  • General organization and de-clutter. 
Here are some "before" and "afters":

Kitchen Before:
Kitchen After:
Living Room Before:
Living Room After:
(how fantastic is the "Udder Madness" cow print on that chair?!?!)

Bedroom Before:
Bedroom After:
Of course like any project there is always more to do! We are still working on the following, so stay tuned for even more progress!
  • Drapes in the living room.
  • Reupholster another chair.
  • Get the art framed and re-hung.
  • The outside back porch.
So, are you inspired to pay a little attention to your project? Maybe all you need is a little bit of help!